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PH series filter cloth


PH-Q-11 filter cloth

Iron anchor brand filter cloth is the earliest domestic manufacturer to develop and produce fiber filter plate filter cloth, the leading supplier of the filter company Puhua environmental protection exclusive designation. Since 2007, we have jointly developed fiber spinner filter cloth with Puhua. Now there are TMX series, TM series, PH series and other products that are applicable to different water quality and requirements. There are thousands of domestic sewage treatment plants using iron anchors. The filter cloth successfully solves the problems of short backwash interval and slow filtration speed of the filter. The running condition is good, the effluent quality is up to standard, and the reputation is good.

Iron anchor company proposed to use PH-Q-11 type filter cloth according to the situation of our factory. The filter cloth fiber is polyester-blend blend, and it is common according to the domestic water situation. The fiber and base cloth are specially treated. , Has very good hydrophilicity, the fiber is straight and the single fiber is very thin, the fiber is soft and smooth, so that after the filter cloth enters the water, the fiber can completely indulge under water to form a precision filter layer. The base fabric adopts the same warp and weft interweaving structure as the United States can support, and the base fabric has larger openings, and high-strength polyester yarn is added as the base fabric support frame to increase the strength of the filter cloth and increase the service life of the filter cloth.

Due to the large opening design of the base fabric, the amount of backwash water is significantly larger than that of ordinary filter cloth under normal backwashing conditions of the equipment. The soft and smooth fibers can quickly and high-frequencyly shake under the negative pressure water flow to intercept suspended matter and flocs on the surface. The body is fully rinsed, and the filter cloth is thoroughly and thoroughly washed. The regeneration capacity is over 95%, and the normal service life of the filter cloth is longer 3-4 years.

The filter cloth has a flux of 8-10m³ / m² / h under normal operating conditions.

Several advantages of this filter cloth:

High accuracy:

In order to achieve high accuracy of the filter, the filter fibers must be densely intersected to form a high-precision filter layer.

High Throughput:

How to ensure high throughput, the more fibers, the higher the accuracy, the lower the flux, the flux and accuracy are opposite. The selection of filter cloth is very important. Selecting a filter cloth with suitable accuracy can ensure the accuracy of the filter and meet the requirements. The flux is maximized, and the frequency of backwashing is reduced when the flux reaches the optimal state (every 2 hours or so).

Easy to clean and strong regeneration capacity:

How to make the filter run stably for a long time, the regeneration ability of the backwash system and the filter cloth is very important. To achieve the regeneration ability of the filter cloth, the key is the structural design of the filter cloth, ensuring sufficient water impulse during the backwash, and the ability to filter the fiber The fine suspended solids in the suction are cleaned quickly and thoroughly. When the negative suction is formed by the anti-suction nozzle, the filter fiber is upright in the inner cavity of the suction nozzle, and the high-frequency jitter is caused. A large amount of water completely shakes the suspended matter from the back of the fiber. Rinse well to restore the filter cloth to its original state.

PH new fiber filter cloth type



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